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CNC File download Information

Hello Fellow Woodcrafters,

I have put together some CNC Router files in which I thought might be useful to some CNC woodcrafters such as myself. These are Woodcraft design files created using Vectric's V-Carve Pro Software 9.516 and earlier (.eps files).  I am in the process of reviewing all files presently in the latest V-Carve Pro Version  9.517 which is now available. There are a few files ('Appetizers') posted to the website now. In time I will be adding more files as I get them processed.   

All Digital CNC File Downloads are .zip (zipped) files. Each .zip file contains the .eps file(s),  some with .pdf file(s)  which contains the necessary instruction information for the .eps file(s), and a .jpg file(s) image file showing the completed or nearly complete product. 

There are no toolpaths with the .zip files. The reason for this is for the customers safety. He/She must create their own toolpaths based on their CNC Machine Tooling and Environment Capabilities. I am including a .pdf file which provides toolpath related information such as type of bits used in project, depth information, and other necessary settings that may be required for the project.

Your questions can be posted to this websites contact page.   All questions posted will be answered in a timely manner.

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